Author: Lance James

A Flip’n good time with a Brown Trout

Photos and Article by Lance James Flip Hayes wanted to build this car for a long time. He started this build nine years ago, it had gone away, then come back to him, back and forth and he finally said, “I gotta finish this thing” He wanted to build something crazy and did a ton of drawings of Chevy’s. Something big and blown with spindle mounts and no front brakes, one version of the build was just that, it was going to be more scary than sane with magnesium wheels. More race than street, with plexi windows, a real...

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The Monster Hauler build, Part 3

Well, here we are. Its bee a little while since I’ve updated the Monster Hauler build. Truck is coming along very well. Mechanically its done, upgrades will come later like a five speed, AC and disc brakes. Next steps for me is to have the exhaust ran out the back, getting a little to many fumes inside the cab for comfort. Solid truck and scoots down the road really well. Once the weather warms up more I’ll be able to get back on the paint and finish it all up. For now it will cruise just fine, half shinny...

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