The ‘56 was an original V-8/Y-Block powered automatic car. While the “Y” will be staying, we will be adding another pedal to it. A four speed will not only liven things up; it’s also traditional as the build style will reflect a mid 60’s gasser build. The race motor will be built by Tim McMaster, the Y-Block Guy. Specific engine specs will come later, but it will be a nice high compression motor to motivate the ’56. As of this writing we are still trying to decide whether to run the stock “A” arms or cut the front frame off and throw a straight axle it. I’m currently talking to a friend, it looks like we may have a straight axle sponsored for the car. I’ve taken measurements and we are sorting that out now.

If you’ve never heard of the Eagle Field Drags, do yourself a favor and look them up on YouTube. Today Eagle Field is private property. A few years ago a good friend, Rocky Phillips had the idea to have a little drag race event on the old runway. While only an eigth mile long, enough to land a plane, it’s also long enough to hold drag races. Since the first event its grown larger and larger. Originally a one day event, it’s now two, two day events, one in May, the other in October.

As I mentioned above, plans are upgrade to a four speed. I am in search of an early Top-Loader four speed to fit an early Y-Block bell housing. The rear differential will be an early Mopar 8.75. Many years ago I did some trading and ended up with one. It had been in a Model T Coupe and was set up as a three link. It has Moser axles, a mini-spool with 4.11s. The 4.11s may get swapped out for 4.56 gears for the eigth mile runway at Eagle Field but we’ll see how it goes.