REAR DIFFERENTIAL: Just starting to mock up the rear, taking measurements to see how close it is or isn’t. The rear came to me in a trade a few years back and had previously been ran in a 27 T coupe. It had just been rebuilt with Moser axles and a mini-spool. 4:11 gears right now but may end up lower to get it down the track faster as its only an eigth mile runway/track.  As you can see from the photo it had previously been set up with a three link configuration. All that will be chopped away soon as we start the ladder bar design. The original 8″ will be pulled out soon and sold off as well as some other parts found in the trunk when the car was hauled home. Once the wheels arrive from American Rebel Wheels we can really see how it all will fit, and whether it will need narrowing. Hoping it all just fits right and we can put those $$ elsewhere.

ENGINE: This is our donor engine that we’ll be building up. It’s actually the 292 we pulled from the Speed & Chrome wagon after it spun a bearing. The heads will be swapped out for the larger 113 heads with larger valves. In fact we are searching for a pair of those heads right now if you know of any. We are also looking for a “B” four barrel intake for it. Much more to come on this build. We will be posting play by play action as it develops. Tim McMaster the Y-Block Guy will be doing the machine work and assembly on it. Plans are to run a set of fenderwell headers, white most likely. We are looking for a supplier right now for those. If they are not available then we’ll be making up a set. Y-Block parts are not as available as small block Chevy, did you know that?