Well, here we are. Its bee a little while since I’ve updated the Monster Hauler build. Truck is coming along very well. Mechanically its done, upgrades will come later like a five speed, AC and disc brakes. Next steps for me is to have the exhaust ran out the back, getting a little to many fumes inside the cab for comfort. Solid truck and scoots down the road really well.

Once the weather warms up more I’ll be able to get back on the paint and finish it all up. For now it will cruise just fine, half shinny and half primer.

The panel was customized with Stewart Warner gauges in some new holes that I cut in. Interior paint is pretty well done. Need to install a new headliner and also the door panels. I was able to find some up in Washington and sent down. I need to get them painted and put in.

I’ve been getting used to driving it, I like it and with a few changes it will be a very nice truck to drive for many years. I’ll need to get a hitch installed to pull the race car, that’s on the to do list as well. The seat came out well and is comfortable to sit on. As it gets warmer I’ll be looking into AC more.

Except for the front window, all the glass is original. I’ve gotten many comments on how good it looks. There were some pretty bad water spots on them. I used vinegar and steel wool to get all that haze cleaned off. Pretty happy with the results. I’ll need to respray one of the wheels. The shop that installed the new tires was a bit careless and scrapped off the new shinny paint. I did contact them and they agreed to make it right, whatever it took, which I was happy to hear.

Enjoy the pics, more to come as the truck progresses this summer. The Canned Monster is the top priority so the paint might get bumped to next year, time will tell.