Cover of Speed & Chrome Illustrated Issue #1Speed & Chrome Illustrated Magazine was a concept I had in the spring of 2003. I wanted to bring an independent hot rod magazine to the market, to represent those cars and builders I didn’t feel were being represented by the corporate publications. The timing was ripe and we released our first issue in Jan of 2004. It was rough, but it had heart. With each new issue we got better and better and we built a wonderful following of fans across the world.

We published full time for a couple of years and while we were growing we made some bad decisions. That, along with a change in our distributor led to the downfall of our printed magazine and we stopped production. We then took a couple of years off and in 2007 released our 8th issue. That issue would complete our commitments to those partnerships we had formed and I figured that would be the last issue we would ever produce.

Again, a couple of years later I had the idea of producing an annual magazine. The slower pace would allow me to really create something of quality and really present the best of what we could create to the hot rodders out there. So, we did Speed & Chrome Issue #9and it came out great, the next year we did the same. Now with a total of ten magazines we assessed again. The magazine market had changed so much in the ten years since we produced issue #1. The world had gone to social media for about everything. With this in mind we launched our Speed & Chrome Video Magazine. A half our TV show that is currently being aired on Motornation and will soon be available other places.

While I love video and enjoy the experience, I also love the written word and telling stories. That’s were this new blog site comes in. With the new website in place we can get back to telling the written stories that we can’t always tell with a video. Plus, it can be shared around the world via social media. We are very excited for this next phase of Speed & Chrome Online. We are still producing our TV shows and now we can put pen to paper and shoot those amazing photos as well. This will also allow us to tell your stories. If you have a great car and want to share it with us to be considered for a feature write up, drop us a line.

Thanks for reading the short version,

Lance James – Publisher